My daily routine

Before I write all this stuff down I guess I should clarify that this is not what I'm doing all year. My routines are changing a bit every few months. The basics are the same though! However, for maybe 80-90% of the year when I'm working I'm aligning my life along the following routines.


Mon - Fri/Sat: 22.55 - 04.55h = 6hrs and 13.30 - 14.30h = 1hr  |  Total: 7hr per day.
This is ideal scenario. I try to keep it exactly like this whenever I can. But doesn't work out too often.

Sat - Sun: No wakeup call. / Trying to sleep more than 8hrs straight.


04.55 - Wakeup Call
Open space (no social media, etc) until 05.30
05.05 - Thankfulness
05.08 - Write down key values
05.10 - Coffee & Breakfast
05.45 - Medi
06.00 - Prepare clothes
06.15 - Gym
07.00 - Shower
07.15 - Computer / Start to work


- Open space prior 1hr to sleep
- Listening to podcasts / audio books


- Get inbox to zero, every day!
- Take all phone calls asap!
- Take action, don't procrastinate ever!


I've been trying a lot when it comes to this. I used to be on a workout 5-6 times a week whenever possible. But that can be a bit frustrating, especially when you're traveling and working as much as I do. I'm now trying to squeeze in 3 proper workouts every week. However: At least a short run / short exercise on a every day base. This is also somethings I'm developing on a lot. The more sports I do the more recovery time I need. That's why I'm lately lowering the amount a bit so I'm not always deadly exhausted on a every day to day base hahah.

Okay, for most people this sounds probably like the most horrible thing you could potentially do. Like - "where's the time for Netflix and chill?". Ehrm. Not existing. Busy doing other things. Living such a structured life requires a lot and I do totally understand that most people think I'm an absolute idiot for doing that. However, this routine enables me to live the life I'm living nowadays. I feel great when I go to bed and realize I'm in control of whats going on. Again, now, fe. when I'm on holidays, this is not what I'm doing every day. Every other day, yes. But not every day. However, I actually can't wait to fully dive into this life again where everything's efficient.

What do you think? Idiot, or actually a bit interesting?

Have a kickass Sunday everyone :) /Seppi

Weekend-mode on

I'm pretty happy about my current "bloglife" - I'm getting more and more into it again! Feels great :) . This is however, probably the most boring time of the year right now where I can't share too many exciting things at all. But, even though I'm thinking a lot about how to keep going with my future plan - this weekend is probably the first one I really enjoy again. When I'm out with friends, I'm out with friends. I love having proper conversations again even though I'm not drinking. I know this might sound weird for 95% of the people, but I really had to learn how to slow down again and how to enjoy evenings that are not just scheduled on each second. So yep. Life is pretty goooood :) . So far I went two times for dinner"dates" in one of my brothers restaurants. Had a vegan burger with salad yesterday which was fantastic. Today my little nephew enjoyed a ton of fries with some bits of a burger. I freaking love little kids. We can learn so many things from them. The way they behave is just inspiring. Anyhow. A chill night ahead as I'm going back into full routine tomorrow morning, so lets get reeeeeaddy! :) Tomorrow morning I'm having a breakfast up on the schedule and some sports before that. And maybe a fun adventure after all that. But that fully depends on me if I can arrange to get a car by then. Lets see. haha

Excited! I think I cleared off a lot of weird questions today so I can't wait to wake up with fresh brain again tomorrow morning.

Happy weekend! /Seppi

No wake up calls

I guess this is something I am really not used to. Today in one word: floating. I feel like now after more than 6 weeks at home I'm getting into a state of mind where I feel more and more relaxed. Giving up on control, fe wakeup call at 05am are obviously very much baby steps. But it feels great waking up at 07am without being pissed about the fact that its that late already. Same goes for sports. This weeks main focus is to supercharge for the upcoming 8 months which will be mental! I still haven't locked down too many things on my calendar as I am trying to give myself as much time as possible to chill and live a normal life. At the same, with having a clear mind, I'm trying and working out a lot of new things. I sent out a bunch of emails today to finally start working on my current ideas. A few things in the pipeline which I'm very excited to talk about very soon. However. Nothing special at all today! Did mails, cleaning and went for a meet in the evening. Now my eyes hurt really bad, so time to sleep. No wakeup call either tomorrow. It's weird. I want my energy back :D.

Niiight! :) /Seppi

Working on my goals

Today's been a great day! Very relaxed. A bit productive. And most important, I did whatever felt good without any pressure!  Went for a coffee in the morning and spent almost all morning with one of my best friends talking life! Haven't seen him in a very long time. So it's been about time to properly catch up! :)

Thanks to Curse, aka. Michael Kurth - German musician, I've been working a lot on my visions and goals today. From what I've listened so far, with his new album or podcast "Meditation, Coaching and Life (Season 1)" he's giving a ton of advice. Lot's of helpful advice! (Sorry guys, it's in german only!). Whats interesting to me is, that everything he's teaching in the first two episodes, is basically what I've been learning myself within the past two years. It's a lot about the routines and daily details that make the difference. Wish I would have had exactly that 2 years ago. It might have saved me a lot of time! However, I still do think that we learn the most with prototyping aka learning by doing. So it might have taken me a bit longer, but I guess it might be a good thing! :)

Since I'm getting quite a lot of questions, every time I talk about my routines, I figured I'm gonna blog about my routines anyway. So look out for this in case you are interested, will be online this weekend! Next up on the podcast is the ep about "finding visions". Very excited to see what I'm gonna learn on that one!

Here a few impressions from today. As you can see, it's been very grey out today. But everyone knows, nothing better than being outside with some fresh air! ;)

Now nothing special anymore! I might read a book. Actually, I hope I can get myself into the seat and read! I suck at reading haha. Time to zone out! Main goal tomorrow: Catch up on all mails tomorrow morning, first thing after breakfast!

Btw, I watched Kygo's documentary yesterday! Such an inspiring personality! :) Love those type of doc's where you get so inspired that you right away start working again haha :P . Recommend to watch this to everyone. Especially if you have Apple Music! :) Its there, for free! Hehe.

/Seppi out

Doctors and chill

Today's been one of those weird days where you just feel a bit out of order. Haha. Woke up at five, but my legs have been super exhausted so I spent all morning listening to Niki Lauda's audio book - which is btw absolutely amazing! I already listened four hours highly concentrated since yesterday evening. So trust me, it's a good one! Wouldn't take the time if it wasn't worth it! :) After two coffee's I started my day at 07am, doing some emails. Then had to get done a bunch of appointments and finally got my immunization. Last time I wanted to get my injection I've been super allergic so we couldn't do it. Now half a year later I finally found time to do so! One last one to go next week! Feels good though - if you're traveling that much you better prepare yourself as much as you can!

Afterwards not too many things happened anymore. As usual the injection makes you super tired. So I'm pretty much spending all my time in front of the computer doing a bit of work. Before the sun went down I went for a short walk as you can see above. Simply love sunsets. Makes me feel good. That simple! ;)

Done with working for today. Now I'm gonna spend some time and watch this documentary:

It better be good. I already signed up for apple music just for this haha! Usually really love those type of videos :). It's so weird to me finally having the time again to watch videos and be inspired by others work. The past 6 months were legit working 24/7. So yes, I'm really making the most out of my time off the radar!

Happy Tuesday everyone! /Seppi


Wheoww, it is 08:27pm and I'm writing a blogpost again! Absolutely stoked! :)

Today's been a good day. Woke up at five and started working on my new "Showreel". But this is not a project thats gonna take one or two hours. Crazy to see how much time that goes into all the little details. Feel's good though that I at least properly started. With that I also did a almost two hours music research. I think I found the song I want to use. But you never know. Lets see, maybe I wake up tomorrow morning and I'm gonna hate it haha. In the afternoon the sun got out and since I'm trying my best to get a great balance in between work and life I figured it would be nice to not sit in a dark room in front of screens anymore and go for a run! Said. Done. Workout clothes on, run it! There's no better feeling than coming back from a run. Love being super highly energised.

Initially I wanted to go for a super short one, as I wanted to take a day off training. But as usual, it's been too much fun to stop right away again. However, it's been a normal one. Nothing mega fast, but fun! 10k in 59mins. Thanks to me being allergic, afterwards I've been completely destroyed! Shower and slept right away for half an hour.

Got a coffee. Made smoothie. Did some emails. Here we are! Good night for today. Time for some Netflix!

Over and out. /Seppi

What is Seppi doing in London?

Phew, not gonna lie - blogging on a daily (ok, more or less) basis will be quite a challenge. But since I love challenges - here we go again! Day 2 on the blog, October 03rd, 2017. Let's do this! :)

Today was hectic, to say the least. But yea, before I go into detail, I should probably explain what I am actually doing here in London since a lot of people are asking. Very simple short answer: I am currently working freelance for The Yacht Week and The Ski Week as a filmmaker/editor since three months. In detail: I am working on a lot of backend organization like sorting and archiving material from the entire year. But of course also editing advertisements / social media assets / etc. Basically trying to help wherever I can. It's amazing! :) I am learning a ton of new things with every single video we are creating in here. From organization thru content creation to marketing and distribution. Just glad to be surrounded by all those incredible talents and to learn from them! Just stoked! :)

Ok, cool Seppi, but "What is The Yacht Week?" someone might ask! Since you are not the only one who asked this question, the digital team decided to create a video to answer exactly that question! One of my first videos about a year ago for The Yacht Week - click HERE! In case you are lazy, just watch this one below. Pretty much sums up everything we are working on all day, every day!

To me, this is the dream for every content creator. Seriously! Both events, The Yacht and Ski Week are just out of this world. But not only from a filmmakers perspective. As a guest, you are escaping reality for one entire week. It's impossible to describe. The people on site. The event. The organization - vibes - day parties - food - EVERYTHING! Just insane! Beginning of the year I've been working on this year's Ski Week trailer which gives you a little more insight on what we've been up to during our time in Obertauern, Austria.

2.8 million views speak for itself I guess. Just stoked. Everybody involved did a fucking greeeat job!

And yea, to link up to what I started with. It's been one of those days you just spend in the office being stressed about a loooot of emails and edits at the same time! It's fun, but nothing really exciting to show from today. Time for me to sleep. Wakeup call at five, as always. I hope this gave you a little bit of an insight on what I'm doing right now in London. It's a lot more stuff in the making which I'm veeery very excited about! So crazy just thinking about it, only a few weeks left until I have to move on and get serious on all my upcoming projects! Just incredible!

Hope everyone had a kick ass day! Talk to you tomorrow! /Seppi

Turning 25

25? Haha, today’s the day. I am old now. Since I am 21 I keep saying that I am twenty one whenever someone asks me - until I realize I am 24. Shit. No - 25 now!

It doesn't feel any kind of bad though. I've been looking forward to turning 25 over the past two years. The reason for that, idk. Every year when it’s about time to prepare for my birthday I start thinking a lot. Where in life am I right now? Did I learn and progress within the past 12 months? What am I unhappy about? What do I need / want to change? Where do I wanna be in 5, 10, 20 years? How in the world will I ever find a place to settle? All these kind of questions.

This years thoughts are interesting to me. I feel like the first time in my life I found something like a „solution" to deal with all the stress and negativity that is in everyday life. I have a much clearer understanding of my own visions and with that a lot more structure in every day to day life as I can break the „vision" down into realistic „milestones". At the same, I realize more and more how important it is to build a team around yourself that you are happy to be working with rather than being a one-man army for the rest of your/my life.

Learnings of the past year:

  • Nothing in this world is more important than your own routines! Stick to them!
  • Always go with the choice that scares you the most
  • Don’t give a fuck about what other people think
  • Surround yourself with role models
  • Be a role model
  • Always go to bed with zero emails left in your inbox
  • Meditation helps for real if you practice it
  • After 2 weeks without alcohol, you live differently
  • Nothing can stop you as long as you are willing to give it all!

I guess I could continue with this list for another 15 minutes, but that pretty much sums it up I think.

My plans for the upcoming year are huge, and with that all the learnings from the past years will be even more important than ever before. I will get back into all my routines I introduced into my life the past 4 months from now on - to really make this one stand out.

Looking at the last year it’s taken an incredible amount of discipline, routines and hard work to make all the things happen that I want to do - that’s why I’m even more excited for the next one. One year from now, I wanna be in the exact same position again, proud about what happened throughout the past 12 months. But that will be quite a challenge!

To start off this Monday with loads of motivation, watch the latest Vlog of my biggest inspiration out there. This kid is just insane!

Time to get back into a hyper-disciplined life! Have a kick-ass start into the week ya'll!

Longing for Creation

Looking at this picture from the British Virgin Islands, I’m incredibly proud and sad at the same time. Today, 9 weeks ago, I hurt my knee and had to cancel all upcoming trips within the next four months. As complicated and frustrating as it sometimes is these days, it’s been probably one of the best things that could have happened. With myself being injured I had a lot of time to reflect, spend less time consuming social media and fully concentrate on self-development for the first weeks. Nowadays, fully working on my editing and organizational skills. It truly feels amazing, and I’m super happy being able to make the most out of life right now!

The most amazing thing I've realized is, that I truly miss creating new video content. I've doubted a lot within the past years, if I'm really doing the right thing or whatever. Now I know. YES. Freaking yalala yes to every single EPIC part of my life! :)

Knee status. It's getting MUUUUCH better. Literally every day.
But it's not good enough yet, that I can do a lot of fun things and post on a regular basis here. But I'm working on it. I did my first workout yesterday after more than two months. It's crazy how time flies by. But I can't tell anyone how good I felt yesterday, after working out. I can't do any exercises with my leg or a lot of weight, but since I basically lost all my muscles my bodyweight is more than enough for now.

So yep. LIFE IS EPIC! Within the past months, I introduced amazing routines into my life which basically allow me to play even harder these days. Well, looking realistically at what's possible. Anyhow, just wanted to give you guys and update on how great it feels to make the most out of a shit situation! I have super interersting meetings these days. Once a few plans are locked down 100%, you know where to get the latest info on what I'm doing!

Hasta luego, enjoy the sun!

Simply Start

8 weeks later. It finally happened. For some reason I woke up this morning and, whoop? Where did all that energy come from? ? I finally had time and the energy to catch up on ALL my emails, feels amazing! I simply started without forcing myself to do so. I still can’t sit longer than 90mins in a row in front of the computer, as my knee starts hurting so badly - but at least I can!
Having that said - I’m far away from working mode, but it’s such a good feel starting off again. Anyhow, biggest news right now: I’m walking again. Slow, but I’m walking. Also on that note. After 30 mins I’m done, buuuut I can see progress on EVERY single front! :)
And since my day basically consists of me reading books right now and getting inspired almost all day, here's a little bit of motivation I found the other day on Youtube. Love that guy! Martin Garrix is such a personality.
Time to kick it! Happy weekend my friends, hope everyone’s feeling just as good as I do!