Working on my goals

Today’s been a great day! Very relaxed. A bit productive. And most important, I did whatever felt good without any pressure!  Went for a coffee in the morning and spent almost all morning with one of my best friends talking life! Haven’t seen him in a very long time. So it’s been about time to properly catch up! 🙂

Thanks to Curse, aka. Michael Kurth – German musician, I’ve been working a lot on my visions and goals today. From what I’ve listened so far, with his new album or podcast “Meditation, Coaching and Life (Season 1)” he’s giving a ton of advice. Lot’s of helpful advice! (Sorry guys, it’s in german only!). Whats interesting to me is, that everything he’s teaching in the first two episodes, is basically what I’ve been learning myself within the past two years. It’s a lot about the routines and daily details that make the difference. Wish I would have had exactly that 2 years ago. It might have saved me a lot of time! However, I still do think that we learn the most with prototyping aka learning by doing. So it might have taken me a bit longer, but I guess it might be a good thing! 🙂

Since I’m getting quite a lot of questions, every time I talk about my routines, I figured I’m gonna blog about my routines anyway. So look out for this in case you are interested, will be online this weekend! Next up on the podcast is the ep about “finding visions”. Very excited to see what I’m gonna learn on that one!

Here a few impressions from today. As you can see, it’s been very grey out today. But everyone knows, nothing better than being outside with some fresh air! 😉

Now nothing special anymore! I might read a book. Actually, I hope I can get myself into the seat and read! I suck at reading haha. Time to zone out! Main goal tomorrow: Catch up on all mails tomorrow morning, first thing after breakfast!

Btw, I watched Kygo’s documentary yesterday! Such an inspiring personality! 🙂 Love those type of doc’s where you get so inspired that you right away start working again haha 😛 . Recommend to watch this to everyone. Especially if you have Apple Music! 🙂 Its there, for free! Hehe.

/Seppi out