My daily routine

Before I write all this stuff down I guess I should clarify that this is not what I’m doing all year. My routines are changing a bit every few months. The basics are the same though! However, for maybe 80-90% of the year when I’m working I’m aligning my life along the following routines.


Mon – Fri/Sat: 22.55 – 04.55h = 6hrs and 13.30 – 14.30h = 1hr  |  Total: 7hr per day.
This is ideal scenario. I try to keep it exactly like this whenever I can. But doesn’t work out too often.

Sat – Sun: No wakeup call. / Trying to sleep more than 8hrs straight.


04.55 – Wakeup Call
Open space (no social media, etc) until 05.30
05.05 – Thankfulness
05.08 – Write down key values
05.10 – Coffee & Breakfast
05.45 – Medi
06.00 – Prepare clothes
06.15 – Gym
07.00 – Shower
07.15 – Computer / Start to work


– Open space prior 1hr to sleep
– Listening to podcasts / audio books


– Get inbox to zero, every day!
– Take all phone calls asap!
– Take action, don’t procrastinate ever!


I’ve been trying a lot when it comes to this. I used to be on a workout 5-6 times a week whenever possible. But that can be a bit frustrating, especially when you’re traveling and working as much as I do. I’m now trying to squeeze in 3 proper workouts every week. However: At least a short run / short exercise on a every day base. This is also somethings I’m developing on a lot. The more sports I do the more recovery time I need. That’s why I’m lately lowering the amount a bit so I’m not always deadly exhausted on a every day to day base hahah.

Okay, for most people this sounds probably like the most horrible thing you could potentially do. Like – “where’s the time for Netflix and chill?”. Ehrm. Not existing. Busy doing other things. Living such a structured life requires a lot and I do totally understand that most people think I’m an absolute idiot for doing that. However, this routine enables me to live the life I’m living nowadays. I feel great when I go to bed and realize I’m in control of whats going on. Again, now, fe. when I’m on holidays, this is not what I’m doing every day. Every other day, yes. But not every day. However, I actually can’t wait to fully dive into this life again where everything’s efficient.

What do you think? Idiot, or actually a bit interesting?

Have a kickass Sunday everyone 🙂 /Seppi