Weekend-mode on

I’m pretty happy about my current “bloglife” – I’m getting more and more into it again! Feels great 🙂 . This is however, probably the most boring time of the year right now where I can’t share too many exciting things at all. But, even though I’m thinking a lot about how to keep going with my future plan – this weekend is probably the first one I really enjoy again. When I’m out with friends, I’m out with friends. I love having proper conversations again even though I’m not drinking. I know this might sound weird for 95% of the people, but I really had to learn how to slow down again and how to enjoy evenings that are not just scheduled on each second. So yep. Life is pretty goooood 🙂 . So far I went two times for dinner”dates” in one of my brothers restaurants. Had a vegan burger with salad yesterday which was fantastic. Today my little nephew enjoyed a ton of fries with some bits of a burger. I freaking love little kids. We can learn so many things from them. The way they behave is just inspiring. Anyhow. A chill night ahead as I’m going back into full routine tomorrow morning, so lets get reeeeeaddy! 🙂 Tomorrow morning I’m having a breakfast up on the schedule and some sports before that. And maybe a fun adventure after all that. But that fully depends on me if I can arrange to get a car by then. Lets see. haha

Excited! I think I cleared off a lot of weird questions today so I can’t wait to wake up with fresh brain again tomorrow morning.

Happy weekend! /Seppi