No wake up calls

I guess this is something I am really not used to. Today in one word: floating. I feel like now after more than 6 weeks at home I’m getting into a state of mind where I feel more and more relaxed. Giving up on control, fe wakeup call at 05am are obviously very much baby steps. But it feels great waking up at 07am without being pissed about the fact that its that late already. Same goes for sports. This weeks main focus is to supercharge for the upcoming 8 months which will be mental! I still haven’t locked down too many things on my calendar as I am trying to give myself as much time as possible to chill and live a normal life. At the same, with having a clear mind, I’m trying and working out a lot of new things. I sent out a bunch of emails today to finally start working on my current ideas. A few things in the pipeline which I’m very excited to talk about very soon. However. Nothing special at all today! Did mails, cleaning and went for a meet in the evening. Now my eyes hurt really bad, so time to sleep. No wakeup call either tomorrow. It’s weird. I want my energy back :D.

Niiight! 🙂 /Seppi