Doctors and chill

Today’s been one of those weird days where you just feel a bit out of order. Haha. Woke up at five, but my legs have been super exhausted so I spent all morning listening to Niki Lauda’s audio book – which is btw absolutely amazing! I already listened four hours highly concentrated since yesterday evening. So trust me, it’s a good one! Wouldn’t take the time if it wasn’t worth it! 🙂 After two coffee’s I started my day at 07am, doing some emails. Then had to get done a bunch of appointments and finally got my immunization. Last time I wanted to get my injection I’ve been super allergic so we couldn’t do it. Now half a year later I finally found time to do so! One last one to go next week! Feels good though – if you’re traveling that much you better prepare yourself as much as you can!

Afterwards not too many things happened anymore. As usual the injection makes you super tired. So I’m pretty much spending all my time in front of the computer doing a bit of work. Before the sun went down I went for a short walk as you can see above. Simply love sunsets. Makes me feel good. That simple! 😉

Done with working for today. Now I’m gonna spend some time and watch this documentary:

It better be good. I already signed up for apple music just for this haha! Usually really love those type of videos :). It’s so weird to me finally having the time again to watch videos and be inspired by others work. The past 6 months were legit working 24/7. So yes, I’m really making the most out of my time off the radar!

Happy Tuesday everyone! /Seppi