Being present!

In the past week happened to be quite often that I felt absolutely worthless. And a massive lack of energy which quite sucks if you are used to traveling / activity / etc. the way I used to be. Ended up, that instead of drawing or building things, I did nothing and instead finished watching the Documentary about Michael Jordan.

In case you haven’t seen this one yet – give it a try – very inspiring!

As much as I would have loved to instantly start working on myself or my skills – I simply didn‘t have the energy. But my girlfriend Janine keeps inspiring me over and over again with her gift to see the positive and always make the best out the situation. I‘m definitely not the best when it comes to that. So I figured why not give it a try? One of the aspects in life where Michael Jordan seemed to be really good at is „being present“.

He mentioned it only a few times, but somehow felt relevant to me and figured – if I can’t get my ass up, at least this is what I want to give a try:

  • Look at your phone only when necessary – not more than that
  • Only do one thing at a time
    • Don’t watch movie and fe. scroll thru Instagram
  • Set your priorities
    • And take time for them!
    • Don’t think another activity could be better / more important / etc.

It seems so simple, but is soo so tough to find the right balance in life. For me this little test made a huge impact and I enjoyed every second of it. Thanks to not being online much, I never felt like I am missing out on something. One of the biggest reasons why I hate social media haha.

I am far away from having a perfect mix of it all. But I‘m constantly learning to navigate thru my life better than I did previously. And thats what makes me feel confident that soon I‘m able to handle all this much better. And I think I will try my best to keep going that way, as this tiny little detail in every day life made a huge impact on my wellbeing.

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Talk soon and stay healthy everyone! /Seppi