Mandalas for adults. Seriously?

You might remember one of my last posts about “Spare time, the importance of hobbies!” – which sort of shows how I got into the entire thinking about, what else can I do with my time. Ended up with a list of things, that I might wanna give a try. At that time, the simplest thing to do seemed to be mandalas. As much as I felt like, this is for kids and not for me – after a bit of time, I ignored my ego and bought myself a set of coloured penciles. And a rubber. And a sharpener. Thats all – and then I started.

I spent hours and hours drawing mandalas, listening to music, podcasts or nothing at all. I took the time to sort my mind and find perspective. Drawing helped me a ton with all that. Mandalas make me happy. Mandalas calm me down.

If you don’t know what to do around Christmas and holidays due to corona – mandalas might just be the simpliest thing to do, but has such a strong impact. Give it a try. Especially now – release from all the weird stuff that happened in 2020, and get into the zone. It’s incredible.

Take care and much love. /Seppi

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