Back to old habits

It’s mid of April. Its been insane to see the transformation worldwide within the past 6 weeks. A bit scary tbh. Following the news turned into a daily routine. And I’m glad if I remember what day it is. Easter never felt so not easter as this year. But I’m glad I took the last couple of weeks to pick up my instruments again. Before I started filmmaking I truly wanted to become a musician. Seems like I got a good feel for save jobs haha. Anyhow. Right now I’m playing as much guitar as I’ve done within the past ten years and it feels so freaking good.

I started about 6 weeks ago playing on my “old” acoustic guitar some songs I used to play back in the days. Took me quite some time to get back into it. Especially the left and right hand coordination. But truly got addicted right away which kept me awake late nights. The thing I am most stoked about is that I barely have any interest in watching TV series / etc. – it just feels right spending a ton of time re-learning and progressing with something I used to be already somekind of good at a decade ago. So the key now has been to find songs / arrangements that keep me motivated as I felt like the stuff I used to play didn’t feel right anymore. So here we are, trying to learn (for me) super complex arrangements / covers. On top of that I started with a online course that teaches techniques, theory and so on. I am not that far into it at all, yet. But I feel like the time will come once I hit full on mode and I will dig deep for a week of development ?.

All of this probably would have never happened if I kept going the nonstop working lifestyle I used to live. As much as I would love to start working, traveling and basically doing tons of things again, I’m happy I’m able to spend a ton of time with something that keeps me motivated. And, something I didn’t feel until a month ago: I truly feel rested. Being surrounded by my family isn’t the worst option either. No, it’s not a vacation, but it’s neither a war. I’m thankful for living around Munich and the position and situation I’m at in my life right now. For seppisquared and Sepp Morrison we have a clear plan on things we want to do once the time is right. For now, it’s time to keep our feet and hands still. But we plan and already started working on some serious bangers for this year. Or next year. Who knows. But once the time is right, we will hit full throttle again!

The only thing that annoys me these days: pollenosis. I couldn’t open my eye without pain since yesterday morning. So this is literally, how I’m writing my blogpost today. hahah

Talk soon! /Seppi