Looking back at how difficult we started into this year and especially how it turned into this massive corona crisis that is affecting us all over the globe – I’ve got to say – I’m happy that we at least made it to Fuerteventura this year. No chance at all, that I thought something this intense could or would happen this year to us. It’s literally crazy that we are all stuck in our places within Europe or even globally. What we are used to, which is non stop traveling, seems right now more than unrealistic. Yet, I’m grateful to spend a ton of time with my family and sort a lot of things out. I feel like it opens up new opportunities even though we are facing one of the biggest challenges that we’ve had for many years. Let’s see where all this is going. Slightly excited. Nervous? I don’t know. But honestly, just happy to be home and trying to make the most out of the situation right now.

For all of you, here some Vlog content from Fuerteventura, of what we’ve been up to. All recorded next to actually shooting dope shit:

As you could see, we got lucky with weather, destination and basically everything that the sorroundings have to offer. Such a dream place to refocus on whats important.

Here some delish Behind The Scenes photos our good friend Thomas Marzusch took next to doing what he’s really good at:

Stay safe, wash your hands and be responsible.