Finally back to work ?

When I picked up the cameras this Monday, properly prepping for a film shooting – it hit me quite hard. This year, without a doubt, has been the most challenging one so far. After traveling nonstop for the past years, essentially everything stopped. All around the globe. Work as well as travel related. So essentially > 80% of what my daily life consisted.

Not gonna lie. It’s been and still is a challenge to adapt to the current situation. But long term very likely a healthy and sustainable one. At least thats what I hope for. Everything changed. So did my daily routines, life and reflection of what happened throughout the past years.

I truly miss a lot from the past years. Most of it all: events and entertainment. No matter what. Sport events, concerts, theatre – everything. That’s what gives me the most. That’s why I love working within that industry. To be thrilled watching the race whilst working at Formula E. To follow musicians and athletes around the globe creating content for brands whilst learning so much about sports mindset and creative processes.

As much as I miss all these events and experiences – I truly love all the new challenges. It’s intense. From a personal perspective as well as work perspective. It’s incredible learning a ton about yourself, actually having the time to reflect on crazy life and shape the future the way I want it to be. At the beginning of this worldwide pandemic, I didn’t really know what to do. Now I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to knowing exactly what to do. Learning new things everyday. To progress as a filmmaker / content creator / editor just as much as an artist in every single way. To be able to really make the next step to deliver the quality I want to see.

It’s gonna be a good 2020, I’m sure. We just need to adjust our way of life.

Can’t wait for the upcoming shooting days in Austria. /Seppi