Wheoww, it is 08:27pm and I’m writing a blogpost again! Absolutely stoked! 🙂

Today’s been a good day. Woke up at five and started working on my new “Showreel”. But this is not a project thats gonna take one or two hours. Crazy to see how much time that goes into all the little details. Feel’s good though that I at least properly started. With that I also did a almost two hours music research. I think I found the song I want to use. But you never know. Lets see, maybe I wake up tomorrow morning and I’m gonna hate it haha. In the afternoon the sun got out and since I’m trying my best to get a great balance in between work and life I figured it would be nice to not sit in a dark room in front of screens anymore and go for a run! Said. Done. Workout clothes on, run it! There’s no better feeling than coming back from a run. Love being super highly energised.

Initially I wanted to go for a super short one, as I wanted to take a day off training. But as usual, it’s been too much fun to stop right away again. However, it’s been a normal one. Nothing mega fast, but fun! 10k in 59mins. Thanks to me being allergic, afterwards I’ve been completely destroyed! Shower and slept right away for half an hour.

Got a coffee. Made smoothie. Did some emails. Here we are! Good night for today. Time for some Netflix!

Over and out. /Seppi