Snow – a love letter

The first snow every year is something special to me. Especially since snow becomes more and more rare over the years. It’s unique. And fascinating. Frozen water that turns into frozen ice cristals falling from the sky like true white gold. Just the simple thought that nature does all that automatically is calming as f*ck. All of this glory in combination with the fact, that everything slows down a little, looks so clean and clear on all the rooftops. No diversity in colors / etc. – just harmony. So basic. So utterly unique. ❄️

Honestly, snow is a huge reason on why I’m doing, the way and what I’m doing. I remeber the first videos I took of myself were timelapses of myself snow shoveling. Snow enabled me to ski. Snow also enabled me to ski in my parents garden. And film it. And skiing enabled me to film on mountaintops with cameras. Mountaintops made it very difficult filming and working constantly – why I’m very used to giving it all I got. Snow made me tired throughout the cold days and made me sleep like a little baby throughout the nights.

Nowadays snow feels more and more like a exceptional phenomenon. It’s so rare snow lasts longer than just for a couple of hours. Thats why probably every year people tend to post every little snowflake they see on their Insta stories. I always wonder, do you actually really appreciate the glory of snow? Or is it just a way of trying to catch more likes? Today I won’t mope about that. I just want to appreciate the feel it gives. And the chills. And how much better a simple tea tastes with the glory of the white outlook on snow.

Much love, stay safe! /Seppi