Why did we film a helicopter following a Tesla Model S Plaid?

Some of you may have already seen on Instagram and TikTok that we recently rented an airfield with helicopter and two Tesla Model S Plaid to create some nice shots. Many of you were a bit confused because of the pictures and videos. Why, why – why? We probably can’t say it exactly ourselves. But surely you have seen breathtaking footage of a car chase in a movie and wondered how that could look so awesome? Well, we at won’t stop did just that – we rented a helicopter that followed a red “Tesla Model S Plaid” of Köber car rental on a closed-off airfield. We created an incredible experience, stunning footage and lots of excited faces.

Reason 1: The Tesla Model S Plaid with its amazing acceleration

We chose the “Tesla Model S Plaid” because it is the fastest car on the market. After we often speculated with Julius from Köber Car Rental about which exciting things we could do with it, we came up with the idea to shoot with it on an airfield. The Plaid has an incredible acceleration of 0-100 km/h within 2.1 seconds. Originally we wanted to do a drag race, but as so often in life, various problems came up.

Reason 2: The Tesla Model S Plaid looks incredible

The car’s striking red is a real eye-catcher and was perfect for our shoot. We wanted something that would stand out from the gray surroundings and the car did just that. So when we spotted the red helicopter in the hangar during location scouting, it was clear to us. We had to somehow bring the two, i.e. the plaid and the helicopter, together. In the end, we were really impressed by the aesthetics of the car and the elegance of the helicopter. The whole thing in combination helped us a lot to give the shots a special touch.

Reason 3: We wanted shots that would generate attention

As filmmakers, we want to convey messages that are relevant to society. The “Tesla Model S Plaid” is a car that is at the forefront of technology. It uses advanced materials and technologies to protect the environment. Now, if we present “regular” beautiful driving shots in beautiful scenery, it will be remembered by few. So what will be remembered? Exactly – that which is a little confusing. What do the helicopter and the Tesla have in common? Exactly, the red color – nothing else. You can certainly argue about the sense of it. Was it fun? Absolutely!

Reason 4: We have a Car Rig

Since 2022, we at won’t stop have had a setup for creating highly professional driving shots in 8K. Unfortunately, due to many other projects that we did, we never really had the time and the necessary peace to get to grips with the subject. After half a year in the basement, we wanted to give our baby some fresh air. That was the original reason why we thought about how we could use the Car Rig and on top of that create some shots that are out of the ordinary. Ending up with shots with a helicopter, Tesla Model S plaid etc – we definitely didn’t think that! Haha

A thousand thanks to everyone involved. The amount of people involved to generate such recordings is really crazy. In the future we will surely have many more ideas, try new things, entertain and inspire. Stay tuned to see what we have planned next!


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