It’s getting hectic again ??

This week started hectic with a bunch of meetings in Munich, some exciting brainstorms and editing a few projects. Well, mostly I‘ve been either in train, car or somewhere on the road. But barely got time to really sit down and focus. Today though I managed to really sit down and edit for 5 hours nonstop, finish a bunch of projects, before we drove towards Allianz Arena in Munich.

It‘s been so fun to be back in that area. Missed it a lot and truly hope somehow the situation will change and the arena opens its doors again. Miss the energy.

Anyhow – we weren‘t only there to just hang out. We worked quite a bit and did some photos and time-lapses. Shot on GoPro only. Super excited how those will turn out.

It‘s so fun to swap gear every other day and go from big rigs to small rigs and make the most out of all of them. It’s a challenge. But thats what keeps us driving. Doesn’t matter if its a GoPro, phone or a „big“ camera. It‘s how you use it. Today we shot on one of the smaller setups and trust me, the stabiliser for GoPro time-lapses is simply unreal. In combination with the 360° option gives you endless possibilites, especially in post production.

With that said, a good and productive day comes to an end. Let’s kick some ass tomorrow!