Gearing up for 2020

It’s been a weird start into 2020, at least for me. As much as I love trying to work on new ideas, workflows and basically everything that comes with trying to make progress – it can be very very frustrating at times. Right now I’m right in one of those phases, where it seems like an endless tunnel. I guess everyone who’s semi kind of in love with what he does, can relate. To not dig too deep into it – yep, thats where I’m at right now and literally working on exactly that 24/7.  ?

Anyhow, we’ve been gearing up these days a lot when it comes to camera, lightning and other equipment. Today we’ve been testing our new lightning setup which honestly is wayyyyyy bigger and better than we expected. Took some time to get the first things right, but as always: Practice makes perfect! ?? Can’t wait for the next few days to really test things properly within different situations. Gonna show you more of what we are having in mind for this year within the next days. Motivation and energy is clearly 110% back!