Knee surgery

Time to check in again on my little diary about my journey. About seven days ago I left the hospital and figured its about time to write about my personal MPFL surgery experience. In case you have a knee surgery around the corner – relax! It’s all gonna be good! 🙂

But first things first. It took me quite a while to find the right doc, where I felt comfortable enough to say: Yes, let’s do it! In total, three appointments, three times super highly recommended knee specialists. The diagnose has always been the same (more or less), but for some reason, I wasn’t satisfied with the first two doc’s I’ve been visiting. As always, I didn’t stop there and tried my best finding the best possible option for my problem. When I got to Hessingparc Clinic in Augsburg, Germany, for the first time I felt right away in good hands, 110%. Not only the fact that the general service is just A++, everything has been super mega organised, clean and on time. Just the way I love to work, and basically the way I live life!

Six weeks after my injury, it’s been about time for surgery. I wasn’t nervous at all in the first place when we were talking about surgery for the first time. But the closer we got to surgery, the more nervous I got. I guess that’s normal since that was my first ever experience where I’ve been under general anaesthetic. With a prosaic stomach, I arrived around 8 am in Augsburg at the Clinic. Everything’s been perfect, just as expected. When I checked into my “room” (haha) I got a small little pill, had to change my clothes for surgery and basically got done my last preparations. Had to wait maybe 30 mins – went by super fast, thanks to the pill that made me very very sleepy haha.

The only thing I remember was the guy, responsible for anaesthesia, telling me I should decide on a dream. Maybe three seconds. Boom. Sleeping.

Surgery went great. Roughly 45 mins. Other than that I don’t know anything. But I found this video online, which shows what they’ve been doing (not sure tbh if this is exactly what they did, but it looks kinda similar):

Waking up afterwards was amazing, haha. I’ve been still on drugs, so nothing hurt and I felt maybe happier than ever before haha. Luckily couldn’t feel anything as my complete right leg ‘s been numbed for the following 2 days.

Hospitality has been insane!

Just look at these iPhone pictures. I guess that says a lot about what the hospitality looked like. Extraordinary care by the docs, amazing food, super happy helping hands everywhere. All in all, just amazing, and luckily no pain.

But, even though this sometimes felt more like being on vacation, it still is a hospital and I felt very veery happy being able to leave after 3 nights. 7 more days on crutches before I can throw them into the garden and get a normal life again! 🙂 Motivation is bigger than ever before.

Time for a chill Saturday night. Have fun out there! 🙂