Getting there 100%

The past few days have been super intense. Basically trying to rearrange the whole plan I’ve had for July. Means no Yachtweek, but a few other exciting travels coming up pretty soon! Might head to Hannover this weekend for a shorty, drive back home, repack and head to the mountains for two days of work before I leave to London for a couple of days. After that it’s time to nail down the upcoming 5 weeks before Munich Mash is coming up super soon!

On the workout front during the last couple weeks a lot of things changed. I live absolutely and 100% different. I work more effective than ever which allows me to play just as hard on the sport side of life! Today I feel like I really crushed it, first time ever that I ran more than 10km with almost a straight pace of 5. For me honestly a whole new world if I compare it to a couple weeks back. Also all the other workouts getting better, smoother and more effective. I just feel so alive, eat different but still always want more. After today I feel happy, but the only goal I have right now is to run 21km asap without a break and basically keep my positive additude I have lately all the time. Just great!

Now after a weird working day and a hardcore sports day time to jump into the sports clothes again and go for some soccer playing where I might just die right away as my legs are already kinda tired! After that its anyway time to chill!

Out for today!

xx /Seppi