135680km later

Oh wow, another year is in the books. And it’s been the best one so far at 100%. Its been a crazy rollercoaster with a million ups and downs but I’ve learned so much within that time about life, what it means for me to live and how to be happy. 🙂 Just love in every way, I have the best family and friends in world you could imagine and I finally learned to “accept” which is amazing. Work doesn’t even feel like work – so what should I complain about? I really found my way and I couldn’t be any happier at this point of life. Had a super long nap and could barely get my body up in the morning. My NYE has been amazing which results in a slight hangover, but since I always got water in between and went to bed around 3ish I do feel really good. So I’m thinking about a workout in a bit to sweat out all the rest alcohol and be on top of the game tomorrow morning as my schedule filled up even more yesterday! So stoked to kick all these things off now! 🙂

At the beginning of the year I decided to document all the big travels I did throughout the year as I wanted to know how much I’m on the road. In 2014 it has been in total something about 30000kms – and I already thought thats a lot. When I counted all the numbers today I realized why I had such a downer in the middle of the year, considering all the work and travels throughout the past 3 years. In 2015 I traveled more than 135000km just in airplanes and cars – getting from one hotel to another. If you realize how much of a big deal it is to travel with that much gear you will also understand why it’s so exhausting after going full speed for more than 2 years.

My New Years Resolutions are quite simple this year. Sports every day as this is what makes me feel the most alive. Time to keep working on myself, time to get better at what I do and have the best time of my life wherever I am!

Hope y’all had a nice start into 2016, for me its now time to go for a run and get sweaty for a bit! Talk to you tomorrow! 🙂 /Seppi