Egoism & Corona

Egoism is truly a thing that annoys me since the beginning of the entire topic around corona virus. I’m honestly not sure whether I was shocked how quickly a little virus caused an pandemic and brought everyone around the globe into a whole new situation. I think what scared me even more throughout 2020/21 – was how egoistic and how selfish society became within years. My believe in a peaceful world got destroyed by so many dumb people. Why is everyone caring about their own health, money, etc. ?

I’m sure this is a topic that annoyed me for quite some time already, but never really got to the surface. But I still remember back in April 2020 when I realised that Covid-19 really showed peoples true emotion, mindset and behaviour in a very extreme way. I remember conversations with people who seem to underestimate a pandemic, the knowledge and facts of scientists – and that put their ego and their leisure behaviour above the health of others. Ridiculous to see that happen when you and the ones saying that are raised with Christian beliefs.

Why is that?

My honest believe is, that instead of connecting us and one another – digital social platforms disconnect us more and more. Instead, every single one lives in a digital bubble and just get’s fed with information that won’t extend their knowledge, but most likely will get a thumbs up / reaction / etc. instead. Well done, Zuckerberg.

Another reason I believe is that there’s a lot of smart people, that are kind and not hounding. But most of them keep their opinion for themselves. Instead, the dumb ones take over and post every single piece of sh#t that goes thru their mind. They blast it on social. Even create polarizing statements / videos / photos / slideshows and combine true facts with potential coherencies with exaggerated headlines. To do what? Yeah, to bait against whatever is going on. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be conversation about whatever is going on around this planet. Especially and of course also about politics. But love and altruism should always be number one priority. And not our own ego.

But honestly all this is not surprising. Look at Trump. A person in this position should be a leader in every single way. Instead he’s been the exact opposite from what I believe a president should be like. Someone tons of people follow every day. And a lot of them wanting his fame, money and success. And looking at the way he does it simply seems like the behaviour they have to put on, to achieve whatever they want.

And by the way – why do we need to travel nowadays during lockdown (whilst other stay at home) and showoff on social media, brag about it and motivate others to do the same as no one is traveling. During a pandemic? Seriously? Sometimes I am literally just con-fu-sion.

But back to the real deal, haha. Being ego and selfish isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s a trait that we need. To survive and to keep going when others don’t believe in us. But it always depends to which degree. It’s the same with drugs, alcohol, etc.

I’m not a hallow either. Sometimes I’m egoistic and selfish. But I see that and try my best to convert this into strength in the future. To instead take a step back, listen more, educate more, help, love and accept. We should be kind to each other. We should share and spread love. We should respect each other. We should cheer people up. In good and in bad times. Together is the only way.

What are you guys thinking?

Hope all is well with you. Stay healthy, and let’s spread some positivity around the world. Much love. /Seppi

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