Can you drink too much water?

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been slightly overwhelmed recently with the messages, comments and uplifting responses I got for opening up about my mental health. It took me 6+ hours to reply to every one of you and I whole heartedly appreciate the long (very personal) stories, insights, helpful tips and so much more every one has sent. I believe in the idea that this could be a start of a little change, and even if its just for a very few people. But we raise awareness. We talk about it and we keep us motivated. If I start talking, maybe someone else here starts talking more publicly / open about it as well and with that inspires others. See the dots, that are connecting? Or the small plant that starts to grow?

Shitty mind map of how I would hope the way life works for the better. It’s for a reason why sometimes people reach two and some only one.

The feedback really is insane, and shows me how important it is to work on destigmatizeing the topics around (Men’s) Mental Health / Depression / Anxiety. So thank you for that – for being open, taking the time to read what I got on my mind, sharing it with your loved ones, etc. – every step is a small step that will eventually safe lives! I don’t want to be overdramatic, but when you are suffering – acceptance and the right words can help to not give up. And thats the ultimate goal. And if we manage to be less ego driven and take others more seriously about their mental state, this world will be a better place.

Ok, so whats next?

Even though I released this article I had probably the worst day mentally within the past few weeks. And that was mostly due to the fact that I tend to loose my motivation if things don’t work out quickly. I’ve been on medication now for quite some time and got a transition from one antidepressant to another. With the current one I feel much better and truly believe in it. The only thing is that my sleep got really bad, which very likely comes from my current sleeping pills. So my energy in the morning these days is quite good (thanks to the AD), but if you have one nightmare after another – it really takes the energy out of your body the longer it goes. And here we are again. Rapidly changing mood-swings. It sucks.

24 hour drinking test

Anyhow, I’m in hospital for one night (I hope). For a drinking test. Lol. Just to be clear: this one’s not about alcohol. It’s about water. Did you know you can drink too much? I always thought it’s only possible the other way. Unfortunately I’m drinking in between 3-7 litres. And I never even thought that this could be a problem.

So, how did I get here? Very simple. Due to my liver problem they were testing my copper-values. Which has been in my case a blood test plus a 24 hour urine sampling procedure. Long story short: Usually you exude I guess about 2-3 litres per 24hrs. In my case it’s been 6 litres. Very interesting though, as the procedure is the following:

Everything’s normal until evening, and then from a certain time on you are not allowed to drink and eat. From then on you are gathering all urine for tests and get health checks with blood pressure every hour. The entire freaking night. The first hour has been ok but I immediately felt like I’m thirsty as fuck and my concentration really got down drastically. And for the rest of the night I’ve been trying to sleep, but as you can imagine that wasn’t really any kind of relaxing.

At the end, its now 10am – and I’ve been thirsty for 14+ hours – it’s all ok. Blood results been ok, my kidney works and thats literally all I care about. And the tea & water bottles that are waiting for me haha. Take care ya’ll.

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Much love. /Seppi