Back to old habits

It’s mid of April. Its been insane to see the transformation worldwide within the past 6 weeks. A bit scary tbh. Following the news turned into a daily routine. And I’m glad if I remember what day it is. Easter never felt so not easter as this year. But I’m glad I took the last couple of weeks to pick up my instruments again. Before I started filmmaking I truly wanted to become a musician. Seems like I got a good feel for save jobs haha. Anyhow. Right now I’m playing as much guitar as I’ve done within the past ten years and it feels so freaking good.

I started about 6 weeks ago playing on my “old” acoustic guitar some songs I used to play back in the days. Took me quite some time to get back into it. Especially the left and right hand coordination. But truly got addicted right away which kept me awake late nights. The thing I am most stoked about is that I barely have any interest in watching TV series / etc. – it just feels right spending a ton of time re-learning and progressing with something I used to be already somekind of good at a decade ago. So the key now has been to find songs / arrangements that keep me motivated as I felt like the stuff I used to play didn’t feel right anymore. So here we are, trying to learn (for me) super complex arrangements / covers. On top of that I started with a online course that teaches techniques, theory and so on. I am not that far into it at all, yet. But I feel like the time will come once I hit full on mode and I will dig deep for a week of development 🎼.

All of this probably would have never happened if I kept going the nonstop working lifestyle I used to live. As much as I would love to start working, traveling and basically doing tons of things again, I’m happy I’m able to spend a ton of time with something that keeps me motivated. And, something I didn’t feel until a month ago: I truly feel rested. Being surrounded by my family isn’t the worst option either. No, it’s not a vacation, but it’s neither a war. I’m thankful for living around Munich and the position and situation I’m at in my life right now. For seppisquared and Sepp Morrison we have a clear plan on things we want to do once the time is right. For now, it’s time to keep our feet and hands still. But we plan and already started working on some serious bangers for this year. Or next year. Who knows. But once the time is right, we will hit full throttle again!

The only thing that annoys me these days: pollenosis. I couldn’t open my eye without pain since yesterday morning. So this is literally, how I’m writing my blogpost today. hahah

Talk soon! /Seppi


Looking back at how difficult we started into this year and especially how it turned into this massive corona crisis that is affecting us all over the globe – I’ve got to say – I’m happy that we at least made it to Fuerteventura this year. No chance at all, that I thought something this intense could or would happen this year to us. It’s literally crazy that we are all stuck in our places within Europe or even globally. What we are used to, which is non stop traveling, seems right now more than unrealistic. Yet, I’m grateful to spend a ton of time with my family and sort a lot of things out. I feel like it opens up new opportunities even though we are facing one of the biggest challenges that we’ve had for many years. Let’s see where all this is going. Slightly excited. Nervous? I don’t know. But honestly, just happy to be home and trying to make the most out of the situation right now.

For all of you, here some Vlog content from Fuerteventura, of what we’ve been up to. All recorded next to actually shooting dope shit:

As you could see, we got lucky with weather, destination and basically everything that the sorroundings have to offer. Such a dream place to refocus on whats important.

Here some delish Behind The Scenes photos our good friend Thomas Marzusch took next to doing what he’s really good at:

Stay safe, wash your hands and be responsible.


New routines and structures

For 2020 a lot of things have changed. Not only have we moved offices, I personally also had to restructure my entire life. I am living out of my bag since around 10 years or so and definitely got a problem now to truly commit to one single place where I want to live and work. I’m so used to living out of a bag that it really is a battle to truly figure it out. One of the things that I figured quite early this year was that my life misses routines. If you are working nuts 24/7 all year long and going to bed / waking up at different times (with most likely short sleeping hours) every single day – it can be quite tiring. I realized it this year when I barely had any motivation to get out of bed, and still sometimes have. It’s annoying. It’s something I am really not used to.

So I figured it’s about time to really go back to where I know I am the happiest and most alive. This means, I am going to bed every single day at 10pm, waking up at 05am. This little mini routine already is a huge change for my entire feeling and wellbeing. To give myself more time and room to think within the first two hours in the morning are blocked to work on myself.

To roughly break it down:

  • 05.00-05.10 Wakeup
  • 05.10-05.30 Breakfast
  • 05.30-05.40 Meditation
  • 05.40-06.10 Reading / Thinking time
  • 06.10-06.15 Change to workout clothes
  • 06.15-06.45 Run / Workout
  • 06.45-07.00 Shower & Prep for day
  • 07.00 Mails

This most likely sounds literally retarded and slightly over it – but, it truly helps me to not procrastinate anything anymore. When I start working that early with already having done all my essentials to really feel good, I’m ready to kick some ass and really try my best to deliver the best I can.

Usually during the day there isn’t much structure, but dropping Instagram and Facebook out of my life changed a lot. I am way more structured and clear in my mind to really figure things out. Waking up this early means everything I do tends to be a bit earlier again. Dinner is now back to 5pm which used to be my time since forever. During the last year it moved to 8/9pm which usually makes me feel bad as I go to bed with a full belly and results in shitty sleep.

Now I stop working / watching movies at 21.00, prep to sleep at 21.30 and definitely close my eyes at 22.00. That gives me a total 7 hours of good sleep to wake up with full on motivation again.

If you are ever feeling a bit off the track. Give it a try to wake up more early – it truly is worth it.

Let’s kick some ass this year. Truly pumped!


Gearing up for 2020

It’s been a weird start into 2020, at least for me. As much as I love trying to work on new ideas, workflows and basically everything that comes with trying to make progress – it can be very very frustrating at times. Right now I’m right in one of those phases, where it seems like an endless tunnel. I guess everyone who’s semi kind of in love with what he does, can relate. To not dig too deep into it – yep, thats where I’m at right now and literally working on exactly that 24/7.  😎

Anyhow, we’ve been gearing up these days a lot when it comes to camera, lightning and other equipment. Today we’ve been testing our new lightning setup which honestly is wayyyyyy bigger and better than we expected. Took some time to get the first things right, but as always: Practice makes perfect! 👊🏻 Can’t wait for the next few days to really test things properly within different situations. Gonna show you more of what we are having in mind for this year within the next days. Motivation and energy is clearly 110% back!


Why I left Instagram

Why I left Instagram

A topic, I’ve been incredibly surprised lately on how many people actually realized that my Instagram account doesn’t exist anymore. Since I get literally a ton of questions regarding this topic – here’s why I deactivated my Instagram account about a month ago:

Instagram used to be my favourite platform as I could follow my idols sharing their own little stories. Stories of success, creativity, failure and basically showing the real side of it – whatever they do. All of this turned into a massive business where everyone around the world shares their „incredible lifestyle“. In regards to this I have a massive problem with social media consumption. About 2 years ago I realised it for the first time on how much of an impact this tiny little app actually has on my wellbeing and feeling. I’ve been attending one of the most incredible events out there sitting in the sunset with a bunch of new friends on a yacht talking about how incredible and beautiful life right now is. I literally LIVED that moment. About 5 mins later I took my phone and opened Instagram. All of a sudden this dream location I’ve been in right now felt like this worst place to be and I rather wanted to be in Iceland as this seemed to be the place to be at this time of the year. According to that I always feel a ton of pressure to deliver photos on a daily basis or not at all as otherwise people don’t care due to algorithms and all this stuff. As much as I love sharing my story, the biggest problem is that I’m actually working absolutely nuts and don’t have time to waste time to think about perfect captions etc. In addition to all that I’m a very addictive person, means that I really consume a lot once I open my phone. Also in Instagram. I spent hours watching others living their own fake dream life and feeling guilty about my own. This is why over the past years I already deleted IG for 1-2 days a week.

I came to the conclusion that I feel the happiest and most alive when I don’t do all these things. From a business point of view this is obviously a stupid step. But I am already living an absolutely mental, exhausting, incredible life and I’m very very thankful for that. I should be everything but not depressed because my life doesn’t look like someone else’s on Instagram. I truly want to share more, but neither I want to feel pressured to do so. My creativity, motivation and true happiness lies within being outdoors, creating, sports and being surrounded by inspiring people. This is what I want to focus on and nothing else.

I’m still pushing, more focused on improvement, quality and creativity than ever before, and I’m sure there ‘ll be more content again on various platforms once the next steps are done.