The first time I ever got a call from The Ski Week was in January 2016. “Seppi, we need you in Japan next week to do some filming.” – since that time I keep working together with Leo and the amazing team behind The Ski Week. What it’s all about in a few words: A series of week-long & weekend boutique ski festivals staged in handpicked mountain towns across the world. Curious? Check this and better get yourself ready, the next winter is about to come! 🙂

This is probably a personal relationship rather than an actual business partner. HiFive Burger is one of my brother’s restaurants located in the north of Munich (Dachau). Three times gold awarded for interior design with high-class burgers, drinks and staff speak for itself. Having the option to always get good food when coming home from long trips is just incredible! If you’re ever around, give it a go!

Laura and Christoph, creative heads behind the clothing label Bavarian Couture, are probably the funniest siblings I’ve ever met. Considering what they’ve already achieved with their brand and products, I think it’s even more so remarkable that they’re friends like on the first day. Truly inspiring! In March 2017 I got a message from Christoph if I’m down to help them out with shooting some “Behind the scenes” material. Since I’ve been following their work already for a very long time, this was a no-brainer! Within the past months, we started to hang, shoot and work together more and more. Excited to see what we’ll come up to show the world in the future.

The dream holiday for every 18-35 year old I would say – The Yacht Week. In a few words – it’s a series of sailing festivals staged in 7 hand-picked destinations around the world. After meeting many of the creative heads of this company during a trip to Japan, we started already thinking about getting me down to one of their events of The Yacht Week in summer. I was hoping for this opportunity to happen for quite a bit. A few months later down the line, I’m on my first ever Yacht Week event, shooting some of the most insane content I’ve always dreamed of. Since that, I keep coming back, editing and producing several digital ads with the most amazing humans on this planet.