11680 h in 8 years

11680 hours in 8 years.

Does that mean 4 hours a day? Or - in total 486 days? More than a year?

What is this guy talking about you might ask? I woke up this morning just as always quite early but realised that the first thing I did was turning off the flight mode and opening up Instagram to scroll through. Like absolutely NOTHING important at all. Just consuming.

Ok, cool story bro, get to the point. I figured I would calculate super roughly the amount of time that I spent on social media since I got my first phone. It is crazy! In eight years I lost one year, just staring at the screen consuming other people's posts. God, imagine what I could have been doing with all that time.

Looking back I wish I would have just used these platforms to release my brain, and post stuff I create. Without caring about likes, interactions, whatsoever. This is actually the part, where the most amount of time gets lost. Posting itself, creating, etc. - probably took about 5-10% of those numbers. Means 90% of the time was a pure waste of time. Ok, maybe give another 5-10% for inspiration. But that's it.

The worst part about it: the more you consume, the worse you feel. There's always someone posting a picture on this perfectly photoshopped beach somewhere on this beautiful planet. Who wouldn't want to be there? Instead of living in the NOW and being happy with what we are surrounded by, we are spending loads of time following other people's lives and feeling miserable about our own.

The way I look at social media is quite simple. It's a great tool to connect, interact and share your own story. But I guess our generation needs to learn how to value time and real life discussions different again.

Time is everyone’s number one asset.

Think about it.


When I woke up this morning I realized once again, that 90% on social platforms are complaining about Mondays. Whats wrong with Mondays, honestly? It's a day like every other day, another chance to enjoy our life, to make friendships and make our life better and brighter - right? I've had a pretty weird discussion about exactly this a couple days ago with a friend. He's been almost like, Monday to Friday don't really count as "nice" days. But why? His answer was - work.

Okay so, but what exactly is work? I found one description on web which sounds like hell: Work is part of a job, something done to earn money. Is this what life is meant to be? To work only to get paid a certain amount of money to make life kind of "awesome" from Friday night till Sunday? To wake up on a Monday, be pissed about the fact that it's Monday, go to work for 8/9 hours, go home, sit in front of the TV, chill and fall sleep. This, or something like this on a every day base?

Like, seriously? If this is the fact for a bunch of people, I'm glad that I have a certain mindset within me that is absolutely different. Then I'm glad that I'm working almost 7 days a week and can't really see it as work. I'm not saying that I'm going to work with a smile every day up on my face, sometimes it is rough - yes, and sometimes it's horribly stressful. But why don't accept the fact, and make it as much fun as possible?

When I wake up on a Sunday like yesterday at 04AM, after 4 hours of sleep and a super intense week behind me, I am for sure a little dizzy in the morning - asking myself why the hell I'm doing this. But as soon as I met up with the first people at 05.30 it's been all worth it already for me. After a coffee, a bunch of new faces you've met up with it's time to start to work at 06.30. Super intense shooting period for a bunch of hours. And I guess here is exactly the difference - I see it as kind of a competition. I want to show myself and everyone else what I'm able to do within this period of time, to really make the best out of it. The only way to do this, is to stay positive all the way. If you are showing up at work being all negative, people around you will have a hard time working with you. If you are positive, kind and nice to everyone around you - everyone will have a much better time working with you. And btw, isn't it a lot more fun having smiling motivated faces around you? I guess what I'm trying to say is, that life as well as your "job" is mostly about perception, the way you look at it and the way you handle all those challenges that come across.

If you are pissed about your job, that you have to do it so often and that you don't live the life you see upon Social Media - why don't you think about what you do and what you really want? It's never too late to change and to find something that is fun almost every day. As soon as you found out what you want, don't be afraid of the change. There are a million things coming across your way - but if you stay focused on the end goal, and you really want to reach it nothing will ever stop you.

This said, time to bounce! What do you guys think? I kinda had to write about this as I was thinking waaay to often about all this!

Let's live.