6 countries in 1 week

I'm back home, from potentially one of the most intense weeks I've had so far. From shooting F1 in Australia for two days to shooting pictures and videos in Monaco for the rest of the week. This a dream - or is it real? Literally. I've asked myself that question couple of times throughout the past days. To me, this is the ultimate fulfillment. I feel 100% in the place where I should be. A lot of things going on. Tons of calls, messages, last minute arrangements, struggles, long night shifts and a ton of fun! :)

Started off on Thursday in Munich traveling to Singapore and then finally to Melbourne, Australia. Here we are. F1 weekend in Melbourne. Impossible to describe. Here's what I did during my time in Australia:

After finishing all work - time for coffee and a few minutes by the water. Sunglasses hiding my eye cirlces hahah.

After this, another 24 hour journey back to Europe. With a 4 hour delay in Singapore and a missed connection flight in Zürich I ended up being home for 9 hours before I had my next transfer to the airport lined up. This time - en route to Monaco.

What exactly I've been up to during my time in Monaco I'm not allowed to say yet. But I can tell you that much: Monday's release gonna be a goooooood one hahah! Got 1,5 hours of sleep during my time in MC due to last minute arrangements, but it's been worth it. After my flight back home on Thursday I had time to meet my friends for an hour before I completely passed out for 12 hours of sleep haha.

However - at the end of this trip, this is me, slightly exhausted but I can tell you one thing, this week 's been one to remember.

Happy easter. /Seppi


The past few days have been just insane, and with that its about time to say: That's it! :) Over and out, my longest break from work is in the books! I feel like five years ago (yep, its a good thing :) ) and I'm more than excited to get it started all over again! :) A fresh start from zero usually means a lot of changes and I'm super stoked to get them all sorted and get going 100% NOW! The best part about it, I'm already fully on it. I’ve had the first shooting with my friends from Bavarian Couture, a bunch of meetings and loads of sessions in the editing booth.

Video w/ Bavarian Couture here.

The past few weeks were very unusual for me. I would say I’m used to action and constant changes 24/7, and now I've been in my comfort zone for almost two months straight. Crazy!

Here my past seven weeks and my personal learnings in a recap:

  • "Working hard" for a bunch of years requires a ton of retreat
  • I couldn't let go of my daily routine of having a "wake-up call at 05 in the morning" for almost six weeks
  • I ran completely blind into my next "go go go mode" - I trained six times a week. Seriously. I've been exhausted. Stupid.
  • It takes as long to get rid of routines as long as it takes to get used to new ones!
  • Work smart, not hard.

And maybe the biggest learning: Don’t take life too serious all the time - I know this is nothing new, but to actually live by that requires a ton of energy from my side.

Here a recap from the past few days.
Sunday: Editing for Bavarian Couture, gym session, birthday’s and in general go out to party :)

Monday: 04am wakeup call. Fly to Hamburg for very successful meetings with Georg, Justin, and Charlie. Fly back home to Munich at night and prep for Tuesday's mission. Weirdest thing about the day: It's been snowing more in Hamburg than at home in Munich.

Tuesday: 03.15am wakeup call. Go for a sunrise mission with my friend Dominik who’s managing the IG account bavarianexplorer. Look at his Instagram. He's out there pretty much every weekend taking insane photos all over Bavaria. Makes me realize again and again that you don't necessarily need to travel 10 hours to do dooope things! :)

My face after hiking up haha. Dying - haha :D . My legs were not as strong as I thought. After a few hours, once we reached the top it got cloudy. The photos above were taken in a 2 minute sunny window. Not as good as it could have been, but being out there in the white is never disappointing at all! You just gotta make the most out of it :) . This drone shot Dominik almost forced me to do. Such a dope location:

For all the nerds: Shot on DJI Mavic Pro.

Today I pretty much spent all day at home catching up on emails, organizing, and editing for about 6 hours.
Time to make 2018 an epic one! 110%! :)

First ever photos in a magazine

When I got a mail this morning showing me this article in BUNTE magazine, I've been kind of amazed for some reason. :D This is the first time ever that I see any of my work printed / on paper. It's a weird feeling and I actually really enjoy having something proper in my hands when looking at what I'm "producing". Usually, everything's digital and you forget about it immediately bc well, its digital ;) . Considering the fact I never wanted to take photos the past years because I always felt like I'm not good enough, I think its even funnier that - thanks to Nico - now pictures that I created are printed in a magazine. Thanks, Nico, and family, without you - all this - wouldn't be possible! It's a huge motivation and makes me work even harder towards the future! :) 2018, you better get ready, I'm about to pack my bags! :)

Other than that today has been very simple. I took some time to enjoy the weather and the snow, did a bit of work, took time to do some sports and then went to dinner and drinks with my family. Life is good. :) That simple!

Over and out for tonight. /Seppi

Winter is back

Everybody who knows me knows the following.: SNOW makes me HAPPY. :) At least it used to be like that until I worked three years nonstop in cold winter conditions. What I always used to hate is winter at home. Because 90% of the time it's cold/icy rain and maybe only a few hours of snow before it disappears again. Today I again realized, that if it's actually whiteout, there's nothing that can stop me. I used to be Mister snow shoveling himself. I would clean everything off snow twice a day because I loved being outside in the cold when it's snowing. And that's literally what I did today. I've been working quite a bit today in front of the computer until I got some motivation to get my ass outside and go for a walk. In the evening I then shoveled snow, like back in the days. I loooooooved it! :D

As you can see, it's not too much snow yet. But it reminds me of all the good times I've had throughout the past few years on different mountains around this globe. For some reason, this video popped into my head. One of the older ones from 2013. Probably, one of the projects I was the most motivated about in my entire life. I loved this week. Everything's been so new, the crew has been a dream and a week with girls only. Gee's - I should get back into my old footsteps and enjoy life much more again! :) (In a different wayy hahah)

Over and out from an overexcited Seppi.

Should I move to Barcelona?

This question pretty much sums up my entire day. Haha. :D

In the morning I've had my last health check for now and last immunization. Whenever I get those immunization injections I feel like I get instantly tired. Exactly the same happened today. So after my early morning stress (haha) there's been a little break, met some friends and started working in the late afternoon again! :)

While I was in my chill mode I spent a lot of time looking into options on how to move to Barcelona. A couple of years ago I remember I always wanted to move to Stockholm, but for some reason never really worked out at all. Next move 's been the move to London last year for almost 6 months and now I'm back home in Munich. When I visited Belen early 2017 we made big plans on how I'm gonna move to Spain in mid-2017. We literally planned it out super serious. But thanks to my unexpected knee surgery a lot of plans got screwed up. Also my little dream of living in Barcelona for a while.

So here I am again. Pretty much with the world map in front of me looking at where I want to live. And yes, I decided this year Barcelona is on my list 120%! I found the first option already in terms of an apartment, but obviously, this needs a tiny bit more preparation. So depending on how my meetings go within the upcoming two weeks in terms of travel schedule, this is what I'm thinking:

Move to BCN April 01st. At least for three months, but no contracts that last longer than until the end of August :)

Basically, I want to see how I feel about it. If I really like it as much as I think I will reconsider moving there obviously in a different way. But that would be far down the line, and something I'm not gonna spend any time on thinking about for now :) .

DREAM BIG! It's about time again for me to go nuts and spend all my energy towards my future goals. That's the best part about a long break - I'm reaaally really fired up again! Hope everyone had a kickass Tuesday! /Seppi

1 year w/o alcohol | Why I quit drinking

About one year ago I pretty much quit drinking 100%. I'm now having a beer every three months or so. But only to always realize again: I did not miss it. So yes, this is semi kind of weird, especially since I don't get angry or anything whenever I'm drunk. I just loosen up which I would almost consider as a great thing. "Happy-Seppi" as most people always said! Hahah :D

Here a little throwback to one of the best parties I've ever been a part of in 2015. Holy, such good memories!

Ever since I can think of, I have a weird relationship with alcohol in general. I always enjoyed working behind the bar mixing drinks at many different private parties that my brother organized in his early years. Within the years I also saw what damage alcohol can do to your body. Not only by experimenting on my own as every teenager does. But also while following many people that kept partying every weekend until they blacked out. I've seen so many weird scenarios of others being absolute retards when they're drunk while I was at work mixing drinks, that I decided to do everything I can, to not end up like them.

In between 17-23 I probably took every party opportunity I could find and go for it. With 24 I realized that nicotine and alcohol in combination is a horrible thing as my head was about to explode every other day. That's when I stopped smoking as I wanted to keep the social "drinking". However, whenever I get drunk I really enjoy it while I'm out. But once I'm home I hate myself that I did it. I'm not kidding. I'm in a super bad mood for a couple of days just because of booze. That's why last year around this time I quit drinking as I just feel like it wasn't worth it anymore. Since that I learned the following:

  • It's apparently annoying from a social point of view, but if you're drinking alcohol-free beer or cocktails, most people don't care. And if they do, just don't care about what they think! But you might go home earlier as after a few drinks you just can't keep up with the conversations anymore in a fun way.
  • Much more energy. After two to three weeks you live differently. The amount of energy you get from not drinking is insane. All your other routines will get boosted like you've never seen it before!
  • Much clearer mind.
  • No more hangover days.
  • You have an additional "real life" month each year. What I realized after a couple of months is the following: I used to be out 2-3 times per month. Usually Friday / Saturday. So most likely this meant for each party 1-2 hangover days where I hated life and didn't do much. Let's say 2,5 hangover days per month * 12 = 30 days. 30 days per year you now can spend in whatever way you want. I started going nuts in the gym, going for long walks and actually taking days off properly with proper sleep. I guess I don't need to say that the way you sleep when you're drunk is just something else.

All in all: I am thrilled with my decision. I'm sure I will have a drink every now and then, but I'm guessing for a second or even third drink a night you really need to convince me that it's worth it! However, the social aspect is probably the toughest to consider. I think I got to a point where I don't care anymore if someone tells me I'm a "whatever-something" bc I'm not drinking. :D

I guess that's it from my point of view. Let's have a ton of fun in whatever way we think it's best! :)

Btw: I can't believe this is already day 7 of my blogging. The more I get back into it, the more I absolutely LOVE doing this! Sharing my story makes me happy.

Over and out! /Seppi

Working on my goals

Today's been a great day! Very relaxed. A bit productive. And most important, I did whatever felt good without any pressure!  Went for a coffee in the morning and spent almost all morning with one of my best friends talking life! Haven't seen him in a very long time. So it's been about time to properly catch up! :)

Thanks to Curse, aka. Michael Kurth - German musician, I've been working a lot on my visions and goals today. From what I've listened so far, with his new album or podcast "Meditation, Coaching and Life (Season 1)" he's giving a ton of advice. Lot's of helpful advice! (Sorry guys, it's in german only!). Whats interesting to me is, that everything he's teaching in the first two episodes, is basically what I've been learning myself within the past two years. It's a lot about the routines and daily details that make the difference. Wish I would have had exactly that 2 years ago. It might have saved me a lot of time! However, I still do think that we learn the most with prototyping aka learning by doing. So it might have taken me a bit longer, but I guess it might be a good thing! :)

Since I'm getting quite a lot of questions, every time I talk about my routines, I figured I'm gonna blog about my routines anyway. So look out for this in case you are interested, will be online this weekend! Next up on the podcast is the ep about "finding visions". Very excited to see what I'm gonna learn on that one!

Here a few impressions from today. As you can see, it's been very grey out today. But everyone knows, nothing better than being outside with some fresh air! ;)

Now nothing special anymore! I might read a book. Actually, I hope I can get myself into the seat and read! I suck at reading haha. Time to zone out! Main goal tomorrow: Catch up on all mails tomorrow morning, first thing after breakfast!

Btw, I watched Kygo's documentary yesterday! Such an inspiring personality! :) Love those type of doc's where you get so inspired that you right away start working again haha :P . Recommend to watch this to everyone. Especially if you have Apple Music! :) Its there, for free! Hehe.

/Seppi out

Doctors and chill

Today's been one of those weird days where you just feel a bit out of order. Haha. Woke up at five, but my legs have been super exhausted so I spent all morning listening to Niki Lauda's audio book - which is btw absolutely amazing! I already listened four hours highly concentrated since yesterday evening. So trust me, it's a good one! Wouldn't take the time if it wasn't worth it! :) After two coffee's I started my day at 07am, doing some emails. Then had to get done a bunch of appointments and finally got my immunization. Last time I wanted to get my injection I've been super allergic so we couldn't do it. Now half a year later I finally found time to do so! One last one to go next week! Feels good though - if you're traveling that much you better prepare yourself as much as you can!

Afterwards not too many things happened anymore. As usual the injection makes you super tired. So I'm pretty much spending all my time in front of the computer doing a bit of work. Before the sun went down I went for a short walk as you can see above. Simply love sunsets. Makes me feel good. That simple! ;)

Done with working for today. Now I'm gonna spend some time and watch this documentary:

It better be good. I already signed up for apple music just for this haha! Usually really love those type of videos :). It's so weird to me finally having the time again to watch videos and be inspired by others work. The past 6 months were legit working 24/7. So yes, I'm really making the most out of my time off the radar!

Happy Tuesday everyone! /Seppi


Wheoww, it is 08:27pm and I'm writing a blogpost again! Absolutely stoked! :)

Today's been a good day. Woke up at five and started working on my new "Showreel". But this is not a project thats gonna take one or two hours. Crazy to see how much time that goes into all the little details. Feel's good though that I at least properly started. With that I also did a almost two hours music research. I think I found the song I want to use. But you never know. Lets see, maybe I wake up tomorrow morning and I'm gonna hate it haha. In the afternoon the sun got out and since I'm trying my best to get a great balance in between work and life I figured it would be nice to not sit in a dark room in front of screens anymore and go for a run! Said. Done. Workout clothes on, run it! There's no better feeling than coming back from a run. Love being super highly energised.

Initially I wanted to go for a super short one, as I wanted to take a day off training. But as usual, it's been too much fun to stop right away again. However, it's been a normal one. Nothing mega fast, but fun! 10k in 59mins. Thanks to me being allergic, afterwards I've been completely destroyed! Shower and slept right away for half an hour.

Got a coffee. Made smoothie. Did some emails. Here we are! Good night for today. Time for some Netflix!

Over and out. /Seppi

Bavarian Couture | Eibsee

Meeting up with my friends from Bavarian Couture last Saturday has been nothing less than absolute fun! Christoph (Head of Bavarian Couture) asked me if I'm keen to join their little photo shoot at Eibsee, Garmisch Partenkirchen. Since I've been pretty much on holidays since Christmas I thought this would be a great project to hop into and kick off the new year. I'm not gonna lie, working when you've had some serious time off the radar is just 200 times more fun! The creativity, the focus. Everything. Just epic!

Photos by tomweiler.com

This little Behind the Scenes video is basically what I did on the go. Legit no staged shooting. Just documenting, having fun and being aware of whats going on.

Shot handheld within 1-2hrs on my Canon 1dx mk ii and a 24-105mm. Drone shots done w/ DJI mavic pro.

Not much more to say, other than - thanks Laura and Christoph from BC for the trip. It's been mega fun, as always!
Time to get this year properly started!

Over and out. /Seppi