Simply Start

8 weeks later. It finally happened. For some reason I woke up this morning and, whoop? Where did all that energy come from? 😃 I finally had time and the energy to catch up on ALL my emails, feels amazing! I simply started without forcing myself to do so. I still can’t sit longer than 90mins in a row in front of the computer, as my knee starts hurting so badly - but at least I can!
Having that said - I’m far away from working mode, but it’s such a good feel starting off again. Anyhow, biggest news right now: I’m walking again. Slow, but I’m walking. Also on that note. After 30 mins I’m done, buuuut I can see progress on EVERY single front! :)
And since my day basically consists of me reading books right now and getting inspired almost all day, here's a little bit of motivation I found the other day on Youtube. Love that guy! Martin Garrix is such a personality.
Time to kick it! Happy weekend my friends, hope everyone’s feeling just as good as I do!

Playlist May 2017

Figured I would share less text today. More energy though for the upcoming week. Need loads of high energy to stay positive all day. Some of my favourite tunes this month:

11680 h in 8 years

11680 hours in 8 years.

Does that mean 4 hours a day? Or - in total 486 days? More than a year?

What is this guy talking about you might ask? I woke up this morning just as always quite early but realised that the first thing I did was turning off the flight mode and opening up Instagram to scroll through. Like absolutely NOTHING important at all. Just consuming.

Ok, cool story bro, get to the point. I figured I would calculate super roughly the amount of time that I spent on social media since I got my first phone. It is crazy! In eight years I lost one year, just staring at the screen consuming other people's posts. God, imagine what I could have been doing with all that time.

Looking back I wish I would have just used these platforms to release my brain, and post stuff I create. Without caring about likes, interactions, whatsoever. This is actually the part, where the most amount of time gets lost. Posting itself, creating, etc. - probably took about 5-10% of those numbers. Means 90% of the time was a pure waste of time. Ok, maybe give another 5-10% for inspiration. But that's it.

The worst part about it: the more you consume, the worse you feel. There's always someone posting a picture on this perfectly photoshopped beach somewhere on this beautiful planet. Who wouldn't want to be there? Instead of living in the NOW and being happy with what we are surrounded by, we are spending loads of time following other people's lives and feeling miserable about our own.

The way I look at social media is quite simple. It's a great tool to connect, interact and share your own story. But I guess our generation needs to learn how to value time and real life discussions different again.

Time is everyone’s number one asset.

Think about it.

Knee surgery

Time to check in again on my little diary about my journey. About seven days ago I left the hospital and figured its about time to write about my personal MPFL surgery experience. In case you have a knee surgery around the corner - relax! It's all gonna be good! :)

But first things first. It took me quite a while to find the right doc, where I felt comfortable enough to say: Yes, let's do it! In total, three appointments, three times super highly recommended knee specialists. The diagnose has always been the same (more or less), but for some reason, I wasn't satisfied with the first two doc's I've been visiting. As always, I didn't stop there and tried my best finding the best possible option for my problem. When I got to Hessingparc Clinic in Augsburg, Germany, for the first time I felt right away in good hands, 110%. Not only the fact that the general service is just A++, everything has been super mega organised, clean and on time. Just the way I love to work, and basically the way I live life!

Six weeks after my injury, it's been about time for surgery. I wasn't nervous at all in the first place when we were talking about surgery for the first time. But the closer we got to surgery, the more nervous I got. I guess that's normal since that was my first ever experience where I've been under general anaesthetic. With a prosaic stomach, I arrived around 8 am in Augsburg at the Clinic. Everything's been perfect, just as expected. When I checked into my "room" (haha) I got a small little pill, had to change my clothes for surgery and basically got done my last preparations. Had to wait maybe 30 mins - went by super fast, thanks to the pill that made me very very sleepy haha.

The only thing I remember was the guy, responsible for anaesthesia, telling me I should decide on a dream. Maybe three seconds. Boom. Sleeping.

Surgery went great. Roughly 45 mins. Other than that I don't know anything. But I found this video online, which shows what they've been doing (not sure tbh if this is exactly what they did, but it looks kinda similar):

Waking up afterwards was amazing, haha. I've been still on drugs, so nothing hurt and I felt maybe happier than ever before haha. Luckily couldn't feel anything as my complete right leg 's been numbed for the following 2 days.

Hospitality has been insane!

Just look at these iPhone pictures. I guess that says a lot about what the hospitality looked like. Extraordinary care by the docs, amazing food, super happy helping hands everywhere. All in all, just amazing, and luckily no pain.

But, even though this sometimes felt more like being on vacation, it still is a hospital and I felt very veery happy being able to leave after 3 nights. 7 more days on crutches before I can throw them into the garden and get a normal life again! :) Motivation is bigger than ever before.

Time for a chill Saturday night. Have fun out there! :)

Knee injury

Whats up my friends? ;) I just got back home from physiotherapy which is kind of like my most exciting part every day since it's one of the only things that I can do. As you might have read already in the past few blog posts - I'm home right now trying to fix my knee problems asap!

To give a little bit of background: On 30th of March, while packing up my bag - going from squad position to normal, my patella (knee) popped out and ripped off the bend that keeps it in place. Nothing tragic. But really painful and recovery will take about 3-8 months including surgery. I have to build up my knee without operation for the next few more weeks and let the bend grow together. Once it's "fine" it's about time to get the surgery done after about 2 months. In the beginning I've been on crutches for a little more than 3 weeks and afterwards, I got a knee orthesis which basically allows me to walk halfway normal these days. Not gonna be able to do any kind of shooting for at least another two months.

The current status: life is great! I'm able to walk. Yey! - Means: I can finally go out again and simply enjoy life just a little more. :) My next appointment is on Friday where my docs will hopefully tell when I will get my surgery.

Overall it's, of course, a bit annoying as I have been booked for so many amazing jobs/trips to Aspen, LA / Coachella, San Francisco, Hawaii, Cuba, London, Monaco and a few more. Unfortunately, I had to cancel all of them. Health goes first and it's 200% highest priority right now!

Anyhow, today I want to end this post with a little quote. I found this sentence somewhere a few years back and put it into my computers notes.

„Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.“ - Neale Donald Walsch

Never give up!


The Miracle Of Mountains

And here we are! Again. Slowly getting there with my daily 3 pm blog post routine. But, tbh - it takes time to get used to it again! :) Especially to writing. Trying my best! Seriously! :)

Yesterday has been a good day! It's been the first of May, which is a bank holiday in southern Germany and I started off my morning with a long walk together with my parents. Not necessarily fast, but at least I walked more than 5kms haha! Best part about it, started off with the sun, and when I got home it started to rain!

With yesterday being the 1st of May also meant, that since I got injured, four weeks already passed by. It's crazy how fast time is moving these days! Details about my injury, tomorrow, 3 pm!

TSW Podcast, 01.

Now to a different topic. During my past year I spent quite a lot of time with a bunch of amazing peeps in London. Red, "The Yacht Week" voice himself, recorded a podcast for The Ski Week. We've been discussing this medium for quite a while and I still remember the smile on his face when he said: "Bro. I've recorded the first podcast!". Not only I'm blown by the magic his voice and words can create, I'm also incredibly stoked being able to help a little bit on the production side with putting it together :). Thanks Red!

Do not open before takeoff. This message from The Ski Week is created for in-flight listening only.

This podcast is designed and recorded specifically for the twilight zone between where you've been, and where you are going. If you are on your flight right now, please relax, get comfortable, close your eyes if you wish, and let us take you on a little journey...

Words: @findredrainey
Production: @sepp_morrison
Photo: @maxlander

Time to be back.

Time to be back on this platform.

I do have to say, that I’ve missed writing on a daily basis. It clears my mind, and so often looking back on a blog it’s such a great reminder of what happened. By the way – how is everyone doing? I guess, it will take some time until someone will read up on this blog again, but it’s time to start. And I’m so excited!

To explain why, and at the same why I haven’t been blogging for more than a year.
Lets start with why I haven’t.

Mostly: time. Plus a little lack of motivation. Plus I didn’t like the blog design anymore. Plus I’ve been working on a many other platforms or formats such as vlog / podcast / whatever. Plus internet connection has been sucking at home for aaages.

Plus – I’ve been living the shit out of my life. Seriously. It’s been FUN! 😉

Starting to blog now, doesn’t mean I’m not living 110% anymore. I just want to share my story again, I got the motivation again, and now that I think life is more interesting than ever before I guess it’s about time to do so.

I took advantage of the fact that I’m injured right now, set up a completely new blog, with a completely new design – which makes it even more fun to create content for a page. I got rid of most of my already existing blog content, as I wanted to have a blog system from now on, that works on its own. The reason for that: Portfolio + Blog within the same system have never been a good choice for me so far.

Well, that’s it for today. Just wanted to jump in and say hi! From now on I’m gonna try my very best, to give you updates, inspiration and whatever it is, that keeps me going on an everyday base at 3 pm!

Off to my physio to get some knee workout done!

Enjoy Life

Back in the blogging game! Feels great! As well as the fact that this day is almost over. Has been a tough one, with a bunch of awkward situations where I had to wrap my mind around. Anyhow. Pretty productive day. Timothy's videos from London getting it's first touches, hopefully tomorrow there's enough time to finalize all previews in order to get going. Next to that, shooting for the weekend is nailed down which means I'm going to join Munich Mash for a documentary part from Friday till Sunday. Next to this, today the decision got dialed out that I'm going to join my brothers projects almost full time whenever I have some time left in order to take care and keep things going. Feels like a ton of things going on at the same time! Excited, nervous but a ton of motivation left to dig into every single detail on that front to make people happy! Now I have two big emails left where I'm not sure yet how I'm gonna fit all those meetings into my schedule, time to figure it out and go to sleep! Tomorrow morning it's time to hit the gym as I've been far from productive on that front the past 10 days. Good night ya'll, hope you enjoyed todays sunsets all over the world.


It takes quite long to get back into blogging mode, to always take a camera with you again and shoot the fun stuff instead of just enjoying the moment! But it's great, love slowly getting back into it! The past week has been a rapid one once again! Spent a ton of time at the begging of the week at the office doing loads of organizational things, left to London for a shoot on Wednesday and got back home just in time for the weekend kick off last night!

Wednesday /
London all in all has been a greaaat experience, even though that there've been a bunch of issues this time. But lets start in the beginning. Left to the airport at 5pm on Wednesday. Flight delayed about 2 hours. Landed in Luton (London) around midnight. All train connections shut down due some safety reasons. After a bunch of reschedules I've been in a bus at 2am to London centre, took an Uber from there to the place we've been staying at. Fell into my bed 04am, with completely (and yes, absolutely fully soaked) wet clothes as the weather has been as shitty as it could get. 2 hours sleep!

Thursday /
Bang boom bang; wakeup, change clothes, get things prepped and start the day off. London Underground Tube, hectic, coffee, all smiles - kick off! Simon took a million photos, I followed around, trying to help as much as I can and basically capturing as much as I could to be able to do a little documentary for "Timothy Auld". Fun but long day ended a little earlier than expected as it started to rain again! Anyhow, we've been more than lucky with the weather we had as during our main shooting period we didn't get a single water drop. So things went great 100%! Super excited to see all the photos. After that it's been time for some Indian food and a bunch of beers and a massive chill phase!

Friday /

Sleep, wakeup, pack, checkout, breakfast, travel, interviews, enjoy, smile, travel, airport, fly home.

Thats it from London this time. Talk to you later!

Getting there 100%

The past few days have been super intense. Basically trying to rearrange the whole plan I’ve had for July. Means no Yachtweek, but a few other exciting travels coming up pretty soon! Might head to Hannover this weekend for a shorty, drive back home, repack and head to the mountains for two days of work before I leave to London for a couple of days. After that it’s time to nail down the upcoming 5 weeks before Munich Mash is coming up super soon!

On the workout front during the last couple weeks a lot of things changed. I live absolutely and 100% different. I work more effective than ever which allows me to play just as hard on the sport side of life! Today I feel like I really crushed it, first time ever that I ran more than 10km with almost a straight pace of 5. For me honestly a whole new world if I compare it to a couple weeks back. Also all the other workouts getting better, smoother and more effective. I just feel so alive, eat different but still always want more. After today I feel happy, but the only goal I have right now is to run 21km asap without a break and basically keep my positive additude I have lately all the time. Just great!

Now after a weird working day and a hardcore sports day time to jump into the sports clothes again and go for some soccer playing where I might just die right away as my legs are already kinda tired! After that its anyway time to chill!

Out for today!

xx /Seppi