Rolling again. That was kind of like today’s motto. The first time since my injury I’ve taken my body all the way to Munich into the city by train. And everyone who knows me – knows, that I hate trains.

It’s been good to be on the go again. The past few days I almost felt like I’m locked into one single room where I can’t escape. Which is not even close to true, but I’m simply not used to having a radius of about 300 meters. Haha. Anyhow, today I finally had time to meet the incredible and super inspiring Filmmaker and Vlogger Clemens Bittner. All I can say, such a truly inspiring human being. It’s been an absolute honor to hear his opinions and stories about life and business. Wonder who he is? Check the video below (German only, sorry) or check out his dope Facebook page with loads of dope content.

Since it was raining today looking outside the window had a feeling of freedom. It’s been absolutely amazing. I’m simply glad I’m alive and that I can feel it all. Even if its summer’s rain 🤙🏻

It’s always the way you look at it!